Business or Company Registration

Prospective investors are required to first of all register their business and     incorporate it in Malawi with the Registrar of Companies before proceeding further with any investment-related activities. The Registrar issues a     Certificate of Incorporation once a company is registered. a local company registration requires submission to the registrar of companies the following:

1) Memorandum of Association with at least two subscribers (shareholders/members)

2) Articles of Association. The articles should show the following information:

              (a) Full name, residential and postal addresses and occupation of first director and secretary of the company

              (b) Situation and postal address of the company's registered office; and

              (c) that they have been signed by or on behalf of directors
Registration fees for Local Company registration is Mk100 for first Mk1,000 share     capital value then K10 for each additional Mk2000 of share capital value

Registration fees for External company registration is Mk100 for first Mk1000     share capital value then Mk10 for each additional Mk2000 of share capital value.     They should also provide :

              (d)     A dully authenticated (notarized) copy of the memorandum and articles of Association

              (e)     Notarized certificate of incorporation issued by the registration Authority in the country of origin / incorporation

              (f)    Notarized shareholder resolution authorization the opening of a branch or subsidiary in Malawi

              (g)    Authenticated copies of passport copies of shareholders

              (h)    List of directors resident in Malawi.

Company registration in Malawi normally takes 10 working days.