Access to Land

Land in Malawi is in three categories, namely Customary, Public and Private. Customary land is used, held or occupied under customary law in the area and is acquired through Traditional Leaders. Once an investor acquires Customary land, the land status is transformed into leasehold land. Public land is used, occupied, or acquired by government and is allocated by government or government agency to be turned into leasehold land. Private land is owned, used or held under leasehold title, freehold title or a certificate of claim and is acquired from individuals or companies. Leasehold title is granted for a period of 21 to 99 years depending on the nature of development and is subject to renewal after expiry of the lease. The lessee is required to pay annual ground rent to government.

An investor must submit an application to MITC for the allocation of land for an investment. The application must be accompanied by a full business proposal.

MITC will process the application and present it to the Investment Approval Committee.

Upon allocation of land, the Chief Executive Officer of MITC will work with the Ministry responsible for land for issuance of a Title Deed.

All the payments made by an investor for the issuance of land must be paid to the Ministry responsible for Lands through MITC.